Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Poste Restante

Our new members Vilma and Susanna brought Poste Restante to our attention. Here is what it says on their website:

"Poste Restante makes interactive performances where the visitor’s individual experience and active participation is the focal point. The works consists of honest yet unexpected constructed activities, where every single part of the space, every wardrobe and cleaning closet is available to the visitors. These activities may be evening classes in the art of socializing with strangers or an institution that provides secular rooms for religious introspection.

In Poste Restante’s works, new agreements with the visitor are made, he/she is personally addressed and can actively use these constructed activities to dwell in difficult questions.

Poste Restante’s pieces are made site- and situation specific for locations and contexts outside of the traditional theatre space. There is no off and on stage, and every new space is selected according to the demands of the constructed activity at hand.

The ideas behind the constructed activities often derive from identified inner conflicts experienced as shameful, and personal questions to witch there might not be an answer. The pieces work to create legitimacy and an understanding to these problems rather than presenting a solution."

To enjoy their website click here.

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