Saturday, February 25, 2012

VISION FORUM SPRING MEETING 2012 - March 14-16, 2012.

Vision Forum is proud to announce its fourth international workshop with KSM and Östsam in Norrköping and Skärblacka March 14-16, 2012. It is a packed program with participants from all over the world that will meet local players for inspiration and creation.

This year’s meeting focuses the public and private a theme that KSM has worked on with its MA students over the last year. Can one make a distinction between and private and public in the age of digital and social media? Where does art and poiesis fit in a public private dichotomy? Can we talk about centre an a periphery in a round and quickly shrinking world? This are some of the questions that we will dwell upon together.

We are very happy to develop the established collaborations in Norrköping and pleased to travel to Skärblacka to meet new institutions and local enthusiasts.

14 March

18.00-20.00 – Centre and Periphery – a public discussion at at Konstmuseet Norrköping (Chaired by Susanne Ewerlöf with Geraldine Longueville, Claire Louise Staunton, Sara Giannini, Isabel Löfgren, Woolooo and Maurizio Dwek.)

15 March

9.00 - We leave for the exotic town of Skärblacka*

9.30 - We visit Skärblacka public swimming pool including sauna.*

10.45 - Two local heroes from Skärblacka will explain why it is the best town on the world.*

12.00 - lunch at the paper mill.*

13.30 -16.00 - Visit to the local paper mill.*

21.00 - Performance evening at Verkstad organised by the curatorial studies group in Stockholm.

16 March

9-12 - Presentations at Konstmuseet Norrköping. (Presentations by Fatos Üstek, Isabel Löfgren and Mauricio Dwek)

The program has been realized in collaboration with KSM at Linköpings Universitet and with kind support from Östsam.

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