Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Landfill Quarterly

Vision Forum member Matthew Rana appears in the latest issue of the beautiful publication Landfill Quarterly. It is a project that chronicles, studies, and redistributes the material byproducts produced by ephemeral artworks. It creates a second venue for projects that largely existed in non-material form, and aims to build a non-linear, cumulative history of social engagement in art. The Quarterly is distributed to subscribers four times a year, so make sure subscribe here. It contains the Journal and selected pieces of material ephemera. As part of the Landfill Archive, supplemental materials become conduits for ideas that continue to circulate. William Stafford has taken some really nice pictures of it at the lab. The publication is initiated by Elyse Mallouk with Ted Purves.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Community without Propinquity Closing Event - 26 November, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes

Community without Propinquity* is a Vision Forum project exploring the role of contemporary art and understandings of community in New Towns across the globe. It includes an exhibition with work from Paulo Catrica, Nathan Coley, Jesal Kapadia, Wayne Lloyd, Vincent Meessen, Ishmael Randall Weeks, Pia Rönicke, Stuart Whipps, Bai Xiaoci and video programme including Amanda Beech, Cyprien Gaillard, Dominique Gonzalez Foerster, Pierre Huyghe, Minouk Lim, Corey McCorkle, Vincent Meessen, Pia Rönicke and Huang Xiaopeng.

For October and November, the The Project Space at has been an active Research Laboratory and forum for public events and new artist commissions. The focus of the research has been on the meaning of "community" in New Towns. The closing event will frame this work and research within a panel discussion, the launch of a publication published by ANDPublic and And Endless Supply and the first chance to see new work by the six commissioned artists including Caroline Devine, Patrick Staff, Emma Smith, Kelly Large and Mark Aerial Waller.

14.00-15.00 FILM SCREENING (Video Space) Looped
Pierre Huyghe, Streamside Day Follies (2003)

15.00-17.00 PANEL DISCUSSION (Events Room)
Guest Panelists: David Lock, Anthony Iles, Roman Vasseur
Chair: Claire Louise Staunton

David Lock CBE has been an urban planner in MK since 1977, is a founder member of the MK Urban Studies Centre and, in 1987, became President of Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre.

Anthony Iles is a cultural engineer and writer researching and making experiments in the disappearing public sphere. He is Assistant Editor of Mute magazine.

Roman Vasseur is an artist and curator. In 2008 he was appointed ‘Lead Artist’ to Harlow, a post-war New Town in Essex, in the build up to the town’s second phase of regeneration.

Kelly Large, Emma Hedditch and Emma Smith

17:45 SCREENING & Q&A (Events Room)
Carry Gorney introduced by Mark Aerial Waller, followed by a screening of her work at MK Channel 40, Sweet Sixteen and Things that mother never told us.

Carry Gorney is a Systemic Psychotherapist and writer. She has worked with Inter-Action in London and Milton Keynes, developing the use of video for community participation. This became the basis for a series of television programmes broadcast on MK Channel 40 from 1977 to 1979. Mark Aerial Waller is an artist and has been commissioned to make a new work for the Research Lab, to be presented at the event.

19:00 PERFORMANCE (Events Room)
Patrick Staff, Performance, Growth, Forecasts (2011)

A video and performance work by artist Patrick Staff with Milton Keynes' Madcap Performers. The work has developed out of a period of research at the archive of the Milton Keynes Discovery Centre, involving a number of interviews with key planners and academic researchers and participatory workshops. The project explores urban design, growth developments, the history of the garden city and New Town movements with a particular focus on the role of the irrational, mystic and holistic in these plans and cities and how such knowledge is produced, circulated and understood by a community.

All Day EXHIBITION (Project Space)

Generously supported by Arts Council England, Vision Forum, Milton Keynes Community Foundation with assistance from the MK City Discovery Centre

Friday, November 18, 2011

Per Hüttner: Quantum Police at Cartel and The Old Police Station in London

The Quantum Police
Cartel and The Old Police Station


Private view and performance Friday 25 November, 6-9pm

London’s Cartel Gallery will host the fourth sequel of The Quantum Police, an ongoing investigation by the artist Per Hüttner and curator Anne Klontz. The Quantum Police exist as an international movement but at the same time their presence in society is shrouded in mystery. Perplexing details of their involvement surface in certain conspiracy theories and their activities have been assumed and never confirmed. In many situations the Quantum Police disguise themselves as the local authority, thus making it more difficult to ascertain which side of the law they stand.

For London’s Cartel Gallery, site specific installations will be created by Hüttner to include sound, sculpture, images and texts. The artist creates works that present the audience with segments of collected Quantum Police evidence, whether in the form of a recorded interview or the forgotten paraphernalia of an undercover crime scene found at The Old Police Station. The works never reveal concise answers to the mystery of the Quantum Police; instead they introduce narratives which highlight the diverse perspectives of the movement.

The exhibition series, The Quantum Police utilizes one concrete piece of evidence which suggests where and when the movement began—The Quantum Law Manifesto, written by two American law students Johnny Ross and Willie Hansen in the late 1960s. From this foundation, numerous sources have been contacted for the project, many of whom play an integral role inspiring the events and works displayed during each exhibition chapter. A live performance inspired by the ambiguity which surrounds the Quantum Police will take place during the opening by Günter Wallraff and Günter Wallraff.

Previously, The Quantum Police has been staged in Stockholm, Sweden (DKTUS); Wuhan, China (Manufactura’s Studio) and Brussels, Belgium (Lambert Gallery). During the opening event in London, a catalogue documenting these international events will be available for purchase.

The exhibition is open until 14 January 2012

Cartel and The Old Police Station
114 - 116 Amersham Vale
London, SE14 6LG

Tube: New Cross (East London Overground)
Buses: 188, 47, 59

For more information and press images contact the curator on: anneklontz (at) gmail.com

Thursday, November 17, 2011

After working on it again and again, Pauline Curnier Jardin will project the November version of the grotto-movie for the finissage of the the joyfull grotto-exhibition at the LMD gallery under name "Les Innommables Grotesques".

Vision Forum member Jochen Dehn will also perform at the same event.

* Saturday 19th november* LMD-56, rue Charlot - 75003 Paris
19h15 - a performance of Jochen Dehn.
20h - a film by Pauline Curnier Jardin.

more info here.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Vision Forum Film is awareded prestigious grant

One of Vision Forum Film's producers Emma Palmgren won Östsam's Culture Prize to help realize the two productions 'Effektivia' by Jesper Frilund and 'The River' by Yang Tingting. Congratulations!!!


Wednesday 30 November h 22.15 Cinema Reposi 2
Friday 2 December h22.00 Cinema Greenwich 1
Saturday 3 Decembre h 19.00 Cinema Repose 2

25 November / 3 December 2011
via montebello 15
10124 Torino

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Verkstadskväll : Podalida

Verkstad kommer att bjuda på späckad kväll med en konstnärlig livespeling av Wolfgang Peter Menzel och filmvisning av Eric M Nilsson kring myten Podalida.

Podalida är en ö som aldrig existerat.
Denna ö i Atlanten mellan Europa och Nordamerika upptäcktes av två venetianska bröder, Nicolo och Antonio Zeno på 1300-talet under sina resor till de norra delarna av Europa. Bröderna var upptäcktsresande och gjorde den såkallade zeno-kartan, där Podalida för första gången var utritad som en ö. Zeno-kartan kom att ligga till grund för andra kartor flera årtionden fram över trots dess inkorrekta beskrivningar.

Wolfgang Peter Menzel är konstnär och bor i Linköping.
Under våren 1945, dog hans far i en ubåt i Nordatlanten, måltavla för en allierad torped, kanske nära Podalidas kust. I hans konstnärskap rekonstruerar han den imaginära identiteten av Podalida. Just nu ligger hans främsta fokus på ljud och ljudspelningar från Podalida med hans hemsida http://thesoundlogg.com/

På Verkstad denna kväll kommer Wolfgang Peter Menzel sända radio live från Podalida. Förlyssna gärna här: http://thesoundlogg.com/

Efter livespelningen kommer vi att visa Eric M Nilssons film, "Mannen från Podalida" (1998) som handlar om språk och identitet. Om en man vid namn Pierre som talar ett icke existerande språk.

Mer info här.

Hjärtligt välkommen till en spännande kväll i Podalidas tecken!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Natalia Kamia's New Album is out

We are very happy that Vision Forum member Kamikuma's album "Inordinate Degree of Familiarity" is out on Twisted Tree Line. More info here.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cool design

Very interesting design of these pages. More here.