Friday, May 13, 2011

Jacopo Miliani et al. at Cartel in London

Cartel: In the Belly of The Whale. Adam Chodzko,
Côme Ciment, Anthea Hamilton, Jacopo Miliani

Prison Cells: Equilateral Coercion. Suzanne Mooney

kynastonmcshine: Rush Limbaugh is Sick. Diann Bauer//
+ Mark Pearson // BLATNOVA // DJ Fari // Paul O'Neill

Friday 27th May 2011

With special guests The Culture Show filming.
We are pleased to announce May's Dirty Cop Friday, with 2 exhibition openings in Cartel and The Prison Cells, a late opening for kynastonmcshine and 4 live performances:
The live lineup:

7-9pm: DJ Fari - resonance fm set

9.15-9.45pm: Mark Pearson - tyrolian robot set

9.45-10.30: BLATNOVA - live

10.30pm-1am: Paul O'Neill DJ set
(more info below)

L: Orson Welles - Moby Dick. R: Chimney for the Exhibition, Come Ciment, 2011

In The Belly of the Whale

Adam Chodzko, Côme Ciment, 
Anthea Hamilton, Jacopo Miliani

Curated by Rosie Cooper and Ariella Yedgar


PV 27th May 7-11pm afterparty until 1am

Show continues 28th May- 16th July

Open Wed-Sat 12-4pm

The Old Police Station
, 114 Amersham Vale, 
London SE14 6LG

more info here