Saturday, February 25, 2012

VISION FORUM SPRING MEETING 2012 - March 14-16, 2012.

Vision Forum is proud to announce its fourth international workshop with KSM and Östsam in Norrköping and Skärblacka March 14-16, 2012. It is a packed program with participants from all over the world that will meet local players for inspiration and creation.

This year’s meeting focuses the public and private a theme that KSM has worked on with its MA students over the last year. Can one make a distinction between and private and public in the age of digital and social media? Where does art and poiesis fit in a public private dichotomy? Can we talk about centre an a periphery in a round and quickly shrinking world? This are some of the questions that we will dwell upon together.

We are very happy to develop the established collaborations in Norrköping and pleased to travel to Skärblacka to meet new institutions and local enthusiasts.

14 March

18.00-20.00 – Centre and Periphery – a public discussion at at Konstmuseet Norrköping (Chaired by Susanne Ewerlöf with Geraldine Longueville, Claire Louise Staunton, Sara Giannini, Isabel Löfgren, Woolooo and Maurizio Dwek.)

15 March

9.00 - We leave for the exotic town of Skärblacka*

9.30 - We visit Skärblacka public swimming pool including sauna.*

10.45 - Two local heroes from Skärblacka will explain why it is the best town on the world.*

12.00 - lunch at the paper mill.*

13.30 -16.00 - Visit to the local paper mill.*

21.00 - Performance evening at Verkstad organised by the curatorial studies group in Stockholm.

16 March

9-12 - Presentations at Konstmuseet Norrköping. (Presentations by Fatos Üstek, Isabel Löfgren and Mauricio Dwek)

The program has been realized in collaboration with KSM at Linköpings Universitet and with kind support from Östsam.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

GOL live in ROME

[Samon Takahashi, Ravi Shardja, Frédéric Rebotier, Jean-Marcel Busson]
live in ROME

Due concerti del Gruppo GOL / deux concerts de GOL / two concerts by Gol
a Roma / à Rome.
Nell' ambito della mostra "Périmètre étendu" di Delphine Coindet.
Dans le cadre de l'exposition "Périmètre étendu" de Delphine Coindet.
In conjunction with the exhibition "Périmètre étendu" by Delphine Coindet.

Giovedi 22 Marzo alle ore 20:00 / Jeudi 22 Mars - 20h00 / Thursday 22 March
concerto privato / sur invitation / by invitation only
Performance "Musica Orientabile"

Ateliers 8 & 8bis
Académie de France à Rome - Villa Medici
Viale Trinità dei Monti, 1 00187 Roma
T. +39 06 67611

Entrata principale, cancello a sinistra / se rendre au portail à gauche de l'entrée principale, quelqu'un vous accueillera /enter via the door to the left of the main entrance

entrata dalle 19:30 alle 20:00 / entrée de 19h30 à 20h00. /entry between 19h30 and 20h00.

Grazie di confermare la vostra presenza / Merci de confirmer votre présence / Please RSVP

Venerdi 23 Marzo ore 18:30 / Vendredi 23 Mars - 18h30 /Friday 23 March - 18.30.
ingresso libero / entrée libre / free entry
Concerto "Musica Gialla" / Concert "Musique Jaune" / Concert "Musique Jaune"

MLAC - Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea, La Sapienza, Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza" - Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, 00185 Roma
T (+39) 06 49911

Monday, February 20, 2012



«As ideias são prodigiosas - elas e a maneira como se associam. Num momento, descobrimos que atravessamos o mundo, e que transpomos o infinito entre dois pensamento.» Fernando Pessoa

For this new OuUnPo session no topic has been defined. But we might keep in mind vague notions such as: path, ceremony, decadence, heteronomy, ... We decided to leave more time to the group itself and focus will be made on OuUnPo members interventions. Of course this also includes nice meals and partying.

The program is shaped as an imaginary book and each chapter is freely referring to a quote of Fernando Pessoa. The content of each chapter is kept secret until the first day’s Prologue. You are asked to bring a bathing costume and a total black outfit.

DAY 1 - April 3

02.00 pm - PROLOGUE - private
«Aquilo a que chamamos matériaé o sonho de uma inteligêcia infinita.»
03.30 pm - CHAPTER.1 - private
«A sorte de um povo depende do estado da sua gramática. Naõ ha grande naçaõ sem prioridade de linguagem.»
05.00 pm - FREE TIME
08.00 pm - CHAPTER.2 - public
«Todos nós temos momentos futuristas, como quando, por exemplo, tropeçamos numa pedra»
10.00 pm - OuUnPo Dinner - private

DAY 2 - April 4

11.00 am - CHAPTER.3 - private
«O pensamento ainda é a melhor maneira de fugir ao pensamento»
01.00 pm - CHAPTER.4 - private
«Se um cão começasse a pensar como nós, esse cão seria mais perfeito do que os outros cães e, no entanto, seria muito provavelmente morto por eles, pois achariam que era louco.»
04.00 pm - FREE TIME
07.00 pm - CHAPTER.5 - public
«A beleza é grega. Mas a consciência de que elaé grega é moderna.»
10.00 pm - CHAPTER.6 - public
«De sonhar ninguém se cansa, porque sonhar e esquecer, e esquecer não pesa e é
um sono sem sonhos em que estamos despertos.»

DAY 3 - April 5

11.00 am - CHAPTER.7 - public
«Não há normas. Todos os homens são excepções a uma regra que não existe»
01.00 pm - FREE TIME
03.00 pm - CHAPTER.8 - private
«A beleza é grega. Mas a consciência de que ela é grega é moderna.»
05.00 pm - CHAPTER.9 - private / public
«A loucura, longe de ser uma armadilha, é a condição normal humana. Não ter consciência dela, e ela não ser grande, é ser homem normal. Não ter consciência dela e ela ser grande, é ser louco. Ter consciência dela e ela ser pequena é ser desiludido. Ter consciência dela e ela ser grande é ser génio»
08.30 pm - FREE TIME
11.00 pm - CHAPTER.10 - private
«A beleza de um corpo nu só a sentem as raças vestidas. O pudor vale sobretudo para a sensibilidade como o obstáculo para a energia.»

DAY 4 - April 6
01.00 pm - CHAPTER 11 - public (bathing costume)
«O mar é a religião da Natureza»
06.00 pm - FREE TIME
08.30 pm - EPILOGUE - public (black outfit)
«Torturamos os nossos irmãos homens com o ódio, o rancor, a maldade e depois dizemos «o mundo é mau.»

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Speech Objects book release and performance

cneai =
20 rue Louise Weiss — 75013 Paris
vendredi 27 janvier à partir de 18h

Lancement de Speech Objects un livre qui poursuit l'exposition au Musée de l'Objet, Blois, 28.05.11 - 13.11.11, commissariats : Etienne Bernard & A Constructed World.

19h - A Floating Conversation, performance par A Constructed World et Speech and What Archive

Speech and What Archive présente leur troisième Floating Conversation : un texte / une performance / une lecture / une communication spatio-temporelle fluctuante. Le groupe tente de faire usage de la télépathie, du savoir-partagé, de la recherche, du non-savoir et des ouï-dires pour présenter le matériel et l'insaisissable au même endroit et au même moment. A la recherche de la capacité d'agir, de l'incarné et du vérifiable, A Floating Conversation est l'expérience de la nausea latine, l'expérience du noise anglo-saxon, l'expérience de la rumeur et du bruissement.

including texts by Anne Dressen, Antoine Dufeu, Marie Gautier, Anna Hess, Darian Leader, Etienne Bernard, Clémence de Montgolfier, Laetitia Paviani, Sébastien Pluot, Fabrice Reymond, Nina Safainia, Fabien Vallos

including works by Rik Bas Backer, Mel Bochner, Nicolas Boulard, Alex Cecchetti & Mark Geffriaud, Claude Closky, Martin Creed, Lény Bernay, Jéremie Gaulin, Veronica Kent and Sean Peoples, Ben Kinmont, Nicholas Knight, Quentin Lannes, John Nixon, Matthew Rana, Yann Sérandour, Speech and What Archive, Water Group, Yang Mieyan, Elsa Philippe Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook, Zenn Al Charif, Triple Candie

ANASTASIA AX at Verkstad

12 tons of paper and a truck load of ink
28 januari – 26 februari

Verkstad is very happy to present its first exhibition 2012 with the artist Anastasia Ax.

Anastasia Ax incorporates different mediums in her practice such as drawings, sculpture, video and performance. PAPER ISLAND is a gigantic pompeijiesque sculpture made of recycled paper and plaster. The work has been specifically conceived for Verkstad in Norrköping.

Anstasia Ax has created an installtion which has been made not only to consider, but also to hear and to climb by using. PAPER ISLAND is a gigantic white object made of white compressed paper, gypsum?, clothes and books. An island of human traces? An iceberg turned into a fossil? Traces after a catastrophe? A cocoon of memories? A lump of civilization? A sculpture to destroy and to relate to in an unsentimental way? A sculpture to dissect?

PAPER ISLAND is an independent sequel to EXILE that was staged at the music festival ‘Way Out West’ in summer of 2011. Here the audience was invited to participate in the installation. Accompanied by heavy techno music, the sculpture developed into a dance floor. At Verkstad the audience is also invited to participate, but this time by mounting the PAPER ISLAND and feeding the dormant mountaineer inside of ourselves.

Anastasia Ax was born in 1979, lives and works n Stockholm.

Events during the exhibition:
→ January 24-27: Come and watch us during the building of Paper Island! 10 a.m – 4 p.m
→ January 28 – Opening of the exhibition and performance by Anastasia Ax – 5 p.m and the performance starts at 7 p.m
→ Regular opening hours Thursday 5-8 p.m, Fri – Sunday Noon-4 p.m or by appointment