Friday, March 30, 2012

Neither You Nor Me - 2 Performances in Stockholm

Neither You Nor Me is a cross-over platform, using the theatre practice as venue for meetings between artists from different fields, where everyone participates with their specific knowledge and expertise in a journey through the narratives Antigone, Parzival and Bartleby . The first story presents a number of dialectic positions – man/woman, king/citizen, law/religion – whereas the second is an invitation to follow a movement from singularity to subjectivity and the third about participation, creation and man's relationship to technology. The project is a co-operation between director Anders Paulin, actor Anders Mossling and artist Per Huttner.

Anders Paulin and Anders Mossling will perform Parzival twice at Hallwylska Museet April 13 (12 noon and 3 pm) and Bartleby at Tekniska Museet April 11, 6 pm. The latter is free of charge and no booking is required, but the former costs 70 SEK and you have to make a booking in advance here. A third performance and banquet is planned for Tysta Maria gången/garaget in June 2012.

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