Monday, July 2, 2012

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

A report from dOCUMENTA (13)

There are an infinity of things that one can say about this international exhibition that manifests the marriage of artwork, institutional professionalism and good sense. It is meticulously organised to the last detail. So well sign-posted that it is impossible to get lost – even if you try to. And it is installed with such impeccable fingerspitzgefühl that proves that the white cube has more rabbits to pull out of its hat than we could have ever imagined. It is all done so well and with the knowledge that it works for the greater good and that it is humane and righteous. And everyone is very happy to participate: artists, curators, audience, technicians, critics, caterers, police – everyone is happy to be in Kassel. We can finally all agree - gott sei dank!

There is of course an array of amazing work that only can be hailed. William Kentridge’s opera on time sweeps us away and leaves us begging for more with masochist pleasure. Geoffrey Farmer’s "Leaves of Grass" is a breathtaking – a magical manifestation of the beauty and everyday toil in the 20th century. Haegue Yang’s slow awakening over the disused railroad tracks is a kiss on the eyelids of anyone who has ever woken up alone or in the arms of a loved one. Marcos Lutyens and Raimundas Malašauskas’s "Hypnotic Show" a treat for those who have time to be lead away by the former’s velvet voice in the innermost mazes of your own subconscious. Or the joy of meeting the angry and humourous minimalist techno of Erek Cevdet on the top of a nameless shopping centre . There are many more and I am eternally grateful that I had the pleasure of living these experiences.

But how can we relate to the hundreds of incredibly well researched projects about distant places and long past events that reek of cultivated zeitgeist and do exactly what they are expected to do today – not yesterday and not tomorrow? There are thousands of artworks that scream that they are sure that they will help us to build a better tomorrow. In short dOCUMENTA (13) is so well-oiled and smoothly surfaced that it slips away on its own impeccable middle-of-the-roadum.

I do not show any work on the blog. It is more appropriate to show some of the thousands of signs that accompany the artwork and sometime are part of them – they show a truer face of dOCUMENTA (13) than anything else. If you want to see more images, you can do so here.

-Per Hüttner

Vision Forum and OuUnPo wins prestigious ECF-grant.

Vision Forum is proud to announce that we have been awarded a prestigious European Cultural Foundation Collaboration Grant for the OuUnPo session in Beirut in November and December 2012. The events will be organised by Fatos Üstek and Sara Giannini. Confirmed partners in Beirut are Batroun Projects and Ashkal Alwan.

For the the meeting in Beirut, OuUnPo will join forces with the international research project "GAM – Global Art and the Museum". GAM is a research program initiated by Hans Belting and Peter Weibel at the ZKM – Centre for Art and Media Karslruhe in 2006. For more information about OuUnPo click here. For more information about the Beirut session, click here.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

THE ENTREMET - In Toulouse

Åbäke, A Constructed World, Alex Cecchetti, Jochen Dehn, Aurèle Duda, Mark Geffriaud, Aurélie Godard, Per Hüttner, Seulgi Lee, Luna Suzuki Ståhl, Fabien Vallos, Adva Zakai.

Curated by Géraldine Longueville

Back in the XIVth century, the word “entremet” was used to define a dish served between courses during royal banquets: consuming animated sculptures and drawings turned the table into a stage. Entremet recipes allow us to recreate these dishes today. Instead of approaching it as a traditional re-enactment, the project The Entremet is more focused on the process of writing, exchange and interpretation of the recipe. Apart from it being the signature of a chef, the recipe recalls a past experience through the desire to pass it on to someone else. The recipe as archive, protocol and anticipation offers a model to think about the economy of an artwork, from its inception to its distribution.

The Entremet is the result of a process involving a dozen of participants since the end of 2010. Through a trip to Bahia, a residency at the Villa San Michele in Capri, discussions, performances, games, walks, books, dishes, sculptures and portraits, a common ground was formed between the participants. This experience took the shape of a box containing fourteen pieces to be used by future users as the ingredients of their own recipe.

The Entremet is presented during the exhibition “The Life of Forms” at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art les Abattoirs, Toulouse, France, on the invitation of Olivier Michelon.

-Residency at La Villa San Michele, Capri From February 2 to 12 2012.
- Exhibition "The Life of Forms" Opening Thursday 28 June, 2012, 18:00 Exhibition opened from June 29 to September 3, 2012
-Event The Entremet Thursday 5 July 2012, 18:00 – 23:30 For its first interpretation, The Entremet will be played by all its authors during a banquet. The content of the box will be set out several courses alternating dishes, sculptures, performances and talks. Only by reservation :

More info here and here.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jacopo Miliani in Lugano - WAITING PANORAMA

Vision Forum Member Jacopo Miliani participates in WAITING PANORAMA in Lugano. More info here. To download a pdf-catalogue click here.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Time Capsules and Conditions of Now Catalogue

Time Capsules and Conditions of Now is available at:

Banner Repeater, London
Inc. livros e edicoes de autor, Porto
Audiatur, Norway

Instructions follow as:
A. Fold out the publication on a large surface
B. Each contribution occupies 3, mostly 4 and sometimes more than 4 pages
C. Follow the key (name-image) on the back cover to find out who has contributed with what
D. Fold the publication via bringing complementary pages together
E. Or fold and read as you wish
F. Do not forget to fold across sides

More info about the project here.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Latour and Networks

As Latour writes in Reassembling the Social, the term
…network does not designate a thing out there that would have roughly the shape of interconnected points, much like a telephone, a freeway, or a sewage ‘network’… It qualifies [rather] its objectivity, that is, the ability of each actor to make other actors do unexpected things. (129)

Fatos Ustek