Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ANASTASIA AX at Verkstad

12 tons of paper and a truck load of ink
28 januari – 26 februari

Verkstad is very happy to present its first exhibition 2012 with the artist Anastasia Ax.

Anastasia Ax incorporates different mediums in her practice such as drawings, sculpture, video and performance. PAPER ISLAND is a gigantic pompeijiesque sculpture made of recycled paper and plaster. The work has been specifically conceived for Verkstad in Norrköping.

Anstasia Ax has created an installtion which has been made not only to consider, but also to hear and to climb by using. PAPER ISLAND is a gigantic white object made of white compressed paper, gypsum?, clothes and books. An island of human traces? An iceberg turned into a fossil? Traces after a catastrophe? A cocoon of memories? A lump of civilization? A sculpture to destroy and to relate to in an unsentimental way? A sculpture to dissect?

PAPER ISLAND is an independent sequel to EXILE that was staged at the music festival ‘Way Out West’ in summer of 2011. Here the audience was invited to participate in the installation. Accompanied by heavy techno music, the sculpture developed into a dance floor. At Verkstad the audience is also invited to participate, but this time by mounting the PAPER ISLAND and feeding the dormant mountaineer inside of ourselves.

Anastasia Ax was born in 1979, lives and works n Stockholm.

Events during the exhibition:
→ January 24-27: Come and watch us during the building of Paper Island! 10 a.m – 4 p.m
→ January 28 – Opening of the exhibition and performance by Anastasia Ax – 5 p.m and the performance starts at 7 p.m
→ Regular opening hours Thursday 5-8 p.m, Fri – Sunday Noon-4 p.m or by appointment

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