Saturday, September 10, 2011

Presentations in Estonia

Bie Erenurm is starting up an Art Room in Kalamaja Tallinn and is looking for people/galleries/networks to cooperate with. So far they have had two poetry readings in the beginning of the summer. The first one two swedish poets and one of them is also is an artist - Katarina Norling and she brought her exhibition with. The second one was with Andy Willoughby and Kalle Niinikangas (finnish-english).

The space is 37 squaremeters and right under my appartment - with one door to the street and one out in our garden! I live in a Kalamaja typical house with 8 appartments. One of them is mine so the cellar - i call it Kelder.

The 18 sep its gonna be Avataud Ateljeed here - Open Galleri day everyone is welcome.

If you are interested. contact Bie Erenurm: bizzibee22(at)

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