Monday, August 8, 2011


Platform announces an open call for an artist residency in Vaasa, Finland. 2-3 international and 2-3 Baltic or Nordic artists will be accepted for the period starting February 2012 till the end of February 2013.

The root of the word responsibility is response, the first known use of the word meant ‘answerable’ to another for something. The word is a social one, based on a question or call. If we are not in dialogue, if there is no discussion or dialogue between us, if we are not demanding and demanded of, the concept of responsibility falls away.
We are in a time of increasing instability -- social, political, economic, environmental -- these instabilities do not stop neatly at the boundaries between individuals, families, cities or countries. They point to our interconnectedness, our interdependence. In the face of these instabilities, some of which may bring catastrophic changes, what, if anything, is being asked of us; what are we asking of others? Can we ask/demand something of others we wouldn’t be prepared to ask of ourselves? What are the ramifications of doing this?
The word responsibility often carries the implication of guilt, culpability or an onerous chore one would like to avoid. Can we recast this word, that links us to each other, in a more positive, social, desiring and pleasurable way?
Artists typically place themselves in the position of outsider, commentator or instigator. Can artists enter into this dialogue at the same level as others, as opposed to the safer/more strategic positions of outsider, commentator or educator?
The above questions, calling for a response, are linguistically driven, the projects need not be. This open call can be seen as an invitation, a possibility or a challenge.


Annually 5-6 artists are invited, normally about 2 months, to realize a project. The residency offers accommodation, a studio, covered travel expenses, a monthly grant as well as a production budget.

An application consisting of a motivation letter/project proposal, documentation of 5 projects and a cv, all included in one document, to be sent electronically to during the month of August, but no later than 31.8.2011.
For closer details on the application procedure and the program, please consult our web-page:

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